Wear resistant tungsten carbide pins for tire studs or horse

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Tungsten carbide anti-slip stud pin is usually used for anti-slip on various grounds such as ice, snow, and mud. It often used on outdoor sports shoes, hiking shoes and other footwear products. Also used for various kinds of tires to provide additional anti-slip function.

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Cemented carbide has excellent properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and compression resistance. When manufacturing cemented carbide anti-skid nail cores, usually make it into sharp tooth-like or tapered structures to increase friction and anti-skid effects on the ground. It can provide extra grip, there by reducing the risk of slipping.

Carbide anti-skid stud pin can effectively increase the stability and safety when walking on ice, snow, slippery or rough ground. At the same time, they can also be replaced or adjusted as needed to adapt to different ground conditions.

Grade Characteristic

Content: 80%WC, 10%Co
Density (g/cm3): 10.0-14.0
Hardness: >1380 HV30
TRS Mpa(N/MM2): 1660
Porosity (ISO): A02B02
Free carbon and graphite phase: <C00
Metallography: A04B02C02E00
Grain size (um): 1.2-2.0
Abrasive Resistance: 71±7.5
Pin color: black


1. stable and reliable quality
2. 100% virgin material
3. all products go through in-process and final inspection
4. free online technical service available.
5. Customized type: we can produce the stud pins as customer's drawing size and requirement.


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