MD6.5-5.7 carbide tire studs suitable for fat bike tire with hole

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It can be directly embedded in the surface of the fat bike tire to increase antiskid ability and performance of safety. This rivet shape tire studs suitable for tires with hole.The unique rivet shape of the studs ensures a strong and durable hold to the tire surface, preventing them from falling out or shifting during riding. With their razor-sharp tips and hardened construction, they bite the ground efficiently, providing the rider with increased stability and control.In addition, the use of tire studs reduces the risk of accidents, especially during adverse weather conditions or off-road adventures. Increased traction and improved grip allow riders to confidently negotiate slippery and uneven surfaces, minimizing the chance of slipping or losing control.

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Name Carbide tire studs Types MD6.5-5.7
Application Bicycle tires with hole Package Plastic bag/paper box
Material Carbide pin or cermet pin +carbon steel body

Body of the studs


Material:  Carbon steel

Surface treatment : Zincification


① 98% improve in slip resistance
② safe and reliable travel
③ durable carbide pin
④ easy to install
⑤ hot selling in Europe and America






When the bicycle is riding on a slippery or icy road, bicycle tire studs can penetrate the ice or snow layer, increase the friction between the tread and the ground, provide better grip and stability, and prevent slipping and crash.

When using bicycle tire studs, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1.Make sure to choose the right length and number of studs to suit different road conditions and riding needs.

2.When installing, make sure that the nails are inserted into the tread to the proper depth and do not damage the inner tube.

3.Take care to inspect and maintain your nails regularly to ensure their soundness and durability

Using bicycle tire studs can greatly improve riding safety, especially on cold or slippery roads. But it also needs to choose whether to use it or not according to specific road conditions and personal needs.


Will the studs puncture the tires ?

Choose suitable size and install it as right way , it won’t puncture the tires. Because the installation depth usually same as the pattern height of tread rubber .You can also disassembled from the tire when you do not use it.

Is it influence the tires lifetime ?

Tire studs is already a kinds of  mature products. It is universal used in Europe and America.  Installing and using it correctly will do not influence the tires lifetime. Otherwise, the tires itself is a consumable, there  have some requirements about the the age limits and Kilometers traveled. We need to check and change it regularly.

Does the studs can play an important role in anti-skid at in an emergency ?

When driving on icy road, it is easy to slip . tire studs can keep you safe. It is embedded in the surface of the tire rubber directly, make more stable. Improve the adhesion, making driving more steady, no slip.
Tips: tire studs is not omnipotent. For your travel safety ,Driving carefully is the most important.

How to choose tire studs ?

1). Tires with hole, we can choose rivet shape tire studs or cup shape tire studs. Tires without hole,we can choose screw tire studs.

2). We need to measure the hole diameter and depth of the tires(tires with hole ); it needs to measure the depth on pattern of tread rubber to your tire(tires without hole), then choose the best fitting studs for your tire.

3). according to the measure datas, we can choose the studs size based on your tires and different driving road pavement. If driving on city road, we can choose the small prominence size. When driving on muddy road, sandy land and thick snow ice area, we can choose the big prominence size, making driving more stable.

Can we install the tire studs by ourself ?

It is no problem that install the tire studs by yourself. It is relatively easy. You can install it by hand or use electric tools to improve efficiency. We will provide the installation video for you.

Can i take it off when I don't need it ?

It can be removed according to the season, and can be dismantled when you do not in use for reuse in the next season.

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