Low air pressure mining hard rock DTH hammer drill bits

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The down-the-hole drill bit is an important part of the down-the-hole drill, which is used for drilling operations underground. A down-the-hole bit usually consists of a bit body and bit teeth. The drill bit body is a metal cylinder with strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which is used to connect drill pipes and transmit drilling power. The drill bit teeth are located at the bottom of the drill bit body, through the transmission of friction and impact force with underground rock and soil, the process of drilling operation is realized.

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Main Features

1. We choose YK05 tungsten carbide buttons, their features: high footage speed, high wear resistance, Suitable for 98% rocks(especially for hard rock)

2. Material:35CrNIMoV

3. Flushing Holes:2 or 3.

4. Thread Type: CIR,DHD etc.

5. Carbide Length:0.5mm longer than other manufacturer so the carbides won't come off.

Bit face shape selection

1. Drop Center Bit For high penetration rates in soft to medium hard and corrosive rock formations. Low to medium air pressures. Maximum hole deviation control.

2. Concave Face
The all-round application bit face specifically for medium hard and homo generous rock formations. Good hole deviation control and good flushing capacity.

3. Convex Face
For high penetration rates in soft to medium-hard with low to medium air pressures. It is the most resistance to steel wash, and may reduce the load and wear on the gauge buttons, but poor hole deviation control.

4. Double Gauge Face
This kind of face shape is suitable for fast penetration rates in medium to hard rock formations. Designed for high air pressures and good resistance to steel wash step gauge bit.

5. Flat Face Bit
This kind of face shape is suitable for hard to very hard and abrasive rock formations in applications with high air pressures. Good penetration rates an resistance to steel wash.


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