CNC tungsten carbide turning inserts made in China

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SNMM series CNC turning insert is a cutting tool for CNC turning.  Jingcheng Cemented carbide has an extensive selection of CNC threading inserts and tools with high-quality for your choice. We can assist you to choose the suitable cnc inserts according to your situations.

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Coated Grade Introduction

The best combination of substrate with high wear resistance and coating composed of MT-Ti (CN), thick Al2O3 layer and TiN makes it suitable for finishing and semi- finishing of cast iron materials.

SNMM190624-ER SNMM series inserts are widely used in aerospace, automobile industry, machinery manufacturing and metal processing and other fields.


1. Blade type: SNMM (also known as SNMMxx, where xx stands for specific size and specification).

2. Uses: SNMM series inserts are suitable for CNC turning, especially for high-efficiency cutting and precise machining.

3. Material: The blade is made of tungsten carbide alloy material to ensure the wear resistance and durability of the blade.

4. Cutting function: SNMM series inserts have excellent cutting ability and can be used for rough turning, finishing turning and boring on different types of materials.

5. Insert Design: Insert shape and nose geometry are tailored to specific application needs to provide optimum cutting results and tool life.

6. Installation method: SNMM inserts are usually installed on the lathe tool holder by clamping or screw fixing to ensure the firm fixation and stability of the insert.

Test comparison of inserts abrasion

Test comparison of inserts abrasion




Adaptive tool diagram


Do you accept OEM?

Yes and we are doing OEM for many famous brand in the market.

How long should I wait to get the products after payment?

We will send out products in no more than 5 days by courier.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

If the type we have in stock, 1box will be OK.

Can you customize ?

Yes, we can customize for you as your requirements.

What basic information does the customer need to provide in order to get the quotation?

First, the workpiece material.
Second, the shape and dimension details.
Third, if you need customized, offer us the drawing will be better.

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